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Maruti Suzuki Ciaz INR   965000 INR  965000

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

Premium Sedan Car With Smart Hybrid Technology. The perfect blend of style, sophistication and technology. Experience leisure like no other with the sporty Ciaz S. Smart Hybrid Technology BRAKE ENERGY REGENERATION Braking charges the special high capacity battery and generates energy to assist the engine’s idle stop-start function, helping the engine during acceleration TORQUE ASSIST FUNCTION The regeneration of energy assists the torque function of the car. This helps the engine in providing optimal acceleration and performance. IDLE STOP START (The engine stops automatically when the car is idle and silently starts when the clutch is pressed. This helps in increasing fuel-efficiency of the car) GEAR SHIFT INDICATOR It prompts the driver to effectively change gears. This helps ensure a smoother ride and better fuel-efficiency. DDiS 200 Smart Hybrid Diesel Engine The DDiS 200 Smart Hybrid Diesel Engine with Turbocharger ensures you are never left wanting for power. Smart Hybrid Technology helps recover energy from the car’s deceleration and restart the engine silently as well as uses it in supplementing the engine power. Always keeping you ahead of the game. K14B VVT Petrol Engine The advanced technology of the K14B VVT petrol engine packs a punch as it delivers dynamic performance. It incorporates a new Cylinder Head and Piston Design for better efficiency and the VVT system optimizes intake valve timing for a performance that’s a cut above.

INR 965000 INR 965000


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